Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Living on the Surface

Trying out my Ink credible software.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Paul and Virginia 1851

as taken from the book translated by HMW of  a J.B.H DE SAINT PIERRE novel.

The following translation of  "Paul and Virginia" was written at Paris, amidst the horrors of Robespierre's tyranny.  During that gloomy epocha it was difficult to find occupations which might cheat the days of calamity of their weary length.  Society had vanished; amidst the minute vexations of Jacobinical despotism, which while it murdered in mass, persecuted in detail, the resources of writing, and even reading, were encompassed with danger.  The researches of domiciliary visits had already compelled me to commit to the flames a manuscript volume, where I had traced the political scenes of which I had been a witness, with the colouring of their first impressions on my mind, with those fresh tints that fade from recollection; and since my pen, accustomed to follow th eimpulse of my feeling, could only have drawn, at that fatal period those images of desolation and despair which haunted my imagination, and dwelt upon my heart, writing was forbidden employment.  ...
...In this situation I gave myself the task of employing a few hours every day in translating the charming little novel of Bernardin St. Pierre, entitled "Paul and Virginia;" and I found the most soothing relief in wandering from my own gloomy reflections to those enchanting scenes of the Mauritius, which he has so admirably described.   ...
...With respect to the translation, I can only hope to deserve the humble merit of not having deformed the beauty of the original. I have, indeed, taken one liberty with my author, which it is fit I should acknowledge, that of omitting several pages of general observations, which, however excellent in themselves, would be passed over with impatience by the English reader, when they interrupt the pathetic narrative.  In this respect the two nations seem to change characters; and while serious and reflecting Englishman requires, in novel writing, as well as on the theatre, a rapid succession of incidents, must bustle and stage effect, without suffering the author to appear himself, and stop the progress of the story; the gay and restless Frenchman listens attentively to long philosophical reflections, while catastrophe of the drama hangs in suspense.  ...
...I can scarcely flatter myself that my ear is become more attuned to the harmony of a language, with the sounds of which it is seldom gladdened; or that my poetical taste is improved by living in a country where arts have given place to arms.  But the public will, perhaps receive with indulgence a work written under such peculiar circumstances; not composed in the calm of literary leisure, or in pursuit of literary fame, but amidst the turbulence of the most cruel sensations, and in order to escape awhile from overwhelming misery.
This work was originally published by a New York Publisher D Appleton and Company. 1851
It was translated from the French.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Water, Heidi, and Sandy

The water Tower is being disassembled and a new one is going up.  The new one is up and a water fountain was installed on the corner of the property for all the public to use, The Water Fountain was built with left over components of the dis-assembly., its really quite pretty if you are into salvage art.

The Mayor is having a fundraiser at the Swan Club, but he is running unopposed.  My wife is going with two of her friends, she is making it a girls night out.

Twitter has added an Operators Lounge user account as a group for fellow workers that do what I do as an EVS operator to follow and tweet what ever is relevant in our industry and or simply to post pictures from fellow operators.  Problems here lie in not a lot of operators know how to tweet with effectiveness, many don't care to, no less follow a group.  Many use Facebook as a tweet zone. Facebooking timely to a current show they would be watching or responding to a breaking news event.  This really is more of Twitter's share of the social media, to be timely with hashtags that people and groups to cull and observe.  It is much more difficult to gather data from Facebook than to track data from twitter with the constraints of hashtags.  The other issue I have with Operators Lounge is EVS in the Medical field is completely different than EVS in the entertainment field.

I follow Heidi Klum as a subscriber on Facebook, these are Photo's from what she would call a Blast from the Past.  It's interesting to see where she is working and who she is meeting, she always seems to be very active.  The comments she receives to her postings are sometimes in the 1000's sometimes they are merely 80 or so.  It is fun to look up some of the words posted because obviously some of her followers speak several languages.  The translate button in Blogger is wonderful to use when you stumble across a site that you find interesting from someones comment and you stalk away at who was that and they seem interesting.

One of the early discoveries I made with Google was if you type simply the word Define and any other word, you could get a dictionary response gathered for you.  With Kindle if you highlighted a word in someones story that you didn't quite understand, the definition appeared at the bottom of the page, you could also gather this information permanently on your Kindle in the Notes and Highlights section.  It keeps several Bookmarks as well like folding the corner of a page to go back and reread a section if you needed to.

I will be starting an 8 day project with CNBC and Food Network in a few days regarding small business.

The projects I am currently working on are a Fairy Tale concerning Honeybees, a Bear, a Wolf and the Wind.
I am also working on an adaptation for screen of a blind child singing prodigy that is kidnapped by the Circus who is rescued by a Hobo that she friend-ed while in the woods near her home.
The biggest project I am adapting is several books combined written by the same author and about the Author, whom was known as a prominent French Diplomat.

I have an oil painting that was begun I need to complete, and I have to clean the Garage, repair the roof when the weather gets warm.  Welcome a French Student into our home for two weeks.
Hurricane Sandy was bad, but it prompted the idea for a second fairy tail concerning Gnomes.
We faired well concerning how many did not do so well, we had a generator for Day One, I bought it the Sunday before the storm hit and picked it up the Monday Morning at 7AM the day of the storm.