Monday, January 18, 2016

Why Art and Time Code are Drop Frame.

When I look at a bookshelf of Novels, I see not a series of book spines. I see some rubbed out, some blurred, some stained, older pieces well worn, collections gilded and unopened. I see whats behind the spine a world waiting to be opened and lived in.  I see an Author who wrote to share a world and be observed by a reader without any intention of his voice and his perspective to be fully observed. The author has dropped frames and dropped views and delivered the pace of the story at his own speed.  The reader reads and absorbs at his own speed and can only absorb within the confines ofthe written word what is their. The reader adds his own thought within his mind and observes beyond the Authors intent and claims the art for his own appreciation having lived within his own views and perspective. It is the Readers Prerogative to do so.  When observing Painting in a gallery, they are exposed no binders, they are open and revealed in a snapshot, but the observer can observe and appreciate and add to his reaction of the image from his own world and drops from what the Artist offered because he does not have the same life experiences. Again the viewer of art be it written or painted or sketched or typed or delivered electronically has different life experiences adds and drops as they see fit.  Time code in an electronic medium in the NTSC world exists in two forms Drop Frame and Non-Drop Frame. I have in the past explained this electronic anomaly in twenty minute or so. If thinking about Art can help me explain it in the fewest of words, then let me have at it.

Simply put, If Time of Day runs at 60 Seconds for every minute and a 120 Volt wall outlet puts out 60 Cycles which is 30Hz (Hertz) down and 30Hz up to make a cycle, one could say that Video lays down 30 frames in a second and at the end of a minute has made 1800 frames.  1 minute of video has 1800 frames in it.  In a perfect world in perfect time of day Video at 12Noon has no frames and at 12:01:00 has 1800 Frames.  Not SO BECAUSE!!!!

Sorry, I didn't mean to raise my voice.  Video runs at 29.97 Cycles or 59.94(twice 29.97).  Enter the Artist.  If we were to let the Video Time Code Author author our world, we would have all of its content sooner than we would want and it would lay down more than the 1800 frames in a minute, because it simply understands how to get around the clock running a faster cycle.

 Time of Day is what the Layman observes, and the Artist Creates, the artist in presenting his material always has more content then we can imagine, the observer unknowingly must allow for the dropping of content to land at the 1 minute mark of where Time of Day wants us to land.

 And So, and I have always wanted to begin a sentence with And, after in Fifth grade I was advised never to use And at the beginning of a sentence, and so, Time of Day is known as (a.k.a) Drop Frame Time Code to keep it in sync with the way we time out projects against how it will run in a race against the Real Time Of Day. Non Drop Frame Time Code (Video's faster cycle) will have too many frames in it and the Time you start at and the time you end at will not represent how much time has elapsed nor will your duration be correct, which will be the failing of many a Producer or Assistant Director tasked with the burden of timing out a show. Your show should be in Drop Frame Time code which is known in the Industry as Time Of Day Time Code.  With Drop Frame Time Code Video will tell you what minute it started and What Minute and Second it ended.  Mathematically, if you so incline to understand Non Drop Frame Time Code runs 3/100ths of a second faster than Drop Frame, thus at the end of ten minutes it has created 2 extra frames that Drop Fame wants to lose to match how much time in reality has expired, it observes and loses the artists original intention.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Paul and Virginia 1851

as taken from the book translated by HMW of  a J.B.H DE SAINT PIERRE novel.

The following translation of  "Paul and Virginia" was written at Paris, amidst the horrors of Robespierre's tyranny.  During that gloomy epocha it was difficult to find occupations which might cheat the days of calamity of their weary length.  Society had vanished; amidst the minute vexations of Jacobinical despotism, which while it murdered in mass, persecuted in detail, the resources of writing, and even reading, were encompassed with danger.  The researches of domiciliary visits had already compelled me to commit to the flames a manuscript volume, where I had traced the political scenes of which I had been a witness, with the colouring of their first impressions on my mind, with those fresh tints that fade from recollection; and since my pen, accustomed to follow th eimpulse of my feeling, could only have drawn, at that fatal period those images of desolation and despair which haunted my imagination, and dwelt upon my heart, writing was forbidden employment.  ...
...In this situation I gave myself the task of employing a few hours every day in translating the charming little novel of Bernardin St. Pierre, entitled "Paul and Virginia;" and I found the most soothing relief in wandering from my own gloomy reflections to those enchanting scenes of the Mauritius, which he has so admirably described.   ...
...With respect to the translation, I can only hope to deserve the humble merit of not having deformed the beauty of the original. I have, indeed, taken one liberty with my author, which it is fit I should acknowledge, that of omitting several pages of general observations, which, however excellent in themselves, would be passed over with impatience by the English reader, when they interrupt the pathetic narrative.  In this respect the two nations seem to change characters; and while serious and reflecting Englishman requires, in novel writing, as well as on the theatre, a rapid succession of incidents, must bustle and stage effect, without suffering the author to appear himself, and stop the progress of the story; the gay and restless Frenchman listens attentively to long philosophical reflections, while catastrophe of the drama hangs in suspense.  ...
...I can scarcely flatter myself that my ear is become more attuned to the harmony of a language, with the sounds of which it is seldom gladdened; or that my poetical taste is improved by living in a country where arts have given place to arms.  But the public will, perhaps receive with indulgence a work written under such peculiar circumstances; not composed in the calm of literary leisure, or in pursuit of literary fame, but amidst the turbulence of the most cruel sensations, and in order to escape awhile from overwhelming misery.
This work was originally published by a New York Publisher D Appleton and Company. 1851
It was translated from the French.

Monday, May 14, 2012


I would have spelt it with an o, but spell check knows best. In the business I am in, a jibe is taken in good stride. A younger more experienced associate was kidding me about my knowledge of playing the game of soccer.  I had played in High School, College and even on a Italian German Team in my post college days. We had uniforms and a dues and a league with a schedule, practices and families made the trek out to watch their people win or lose.  When I commented what year I played in High School, surprisingly I found out my associate was two at the time I graduated High School.

So what he missed when I was in High School was Race riots in 1973, and the moon landing in 1969. These are all things I grew up enjoying and not enjoying.  I also remember the milkman delivering fresh milk and cottage cheese to the front steps of the house.  I remember Elsie the Cow on the label.  What else he missed during my era was the Pope coming to Boston and Boston streets being completely shut down to any traffic except for Federal Vehicles, the Postal trucks being federally owned still were able to navigate the street and deliver the mails. These were the only vehicles navigating the streets in those days, empty streets but the white postal trucks emblazoned with an Eagle.   In those days in the late 70' in Boston they still had Gas Street lights that lined the streets of the Commonwealth.  A man used to have to go light by light and turn the gas on and light each light at night. He retired in 1979 and the town was converted to electricity. I am talking 1979 people not 1879.  Gas Lights in Boston in the late 70's.  It was Groovy Baby.  We were the Peace and Love Generation.  They were different times, no cell phones, but we did have MTV, when MTV played music.

I could go on and talk about the Franciscan Friars Monastery I grew up adjacent to, a thirty acre estate that we were allowed to do whatever we wanted on and we did, but that is gone and mysteries that revealed themselves to us post monastery are intriguing speculation that make for good books and not blogs.

What small mystery has gone forever that you have lived through that may never bee seen or heard of because some new younger person will never be made aware and carry a truth forward?